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  female education
Posted by: princess.sarah - Yesterday, 06:47 PM - Forum: Let's Discuss - Replies (1)

kuch logo ka believe hai  females education dayna bekar hai, at the end kitchen aur bacha sambhalna hota hai, what u say ?V ? Smile Are u support female education?

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  A Matter Of Taste By Fulvio Bonavia
Posted by: Ronshan - Yesterday, 04:04 PM - Forum: Lifestyle - No Replies

Do you like wired thing or imaging creation? Then have a look to this collection of Fulvio Bonavia. He was a designer and illustrator of posters. He wrote a book “A Matter of Taste ” which is full of surprising creation made with edible elements like vegetables and fruits etc. You will definitely love this staggeric album :-)

 [Image: 17811_10155243298620453_8482364407857093...e=559327B9]
[Image: 10402785_10155243298615453_2029190857678...73c2d70dd9]
[Image: 200113_10155243298605453_688131605032260...e=5590DF8D]
[Image: 10455291_10155243298815453_5240260837830...e=558B4FBD]
[Image: 11012709_10155243298865453_6753978818216...e=5590CB29]
[Image: 10422143_10155243298880453_1880235747144...70b58d2050]
[Image: 10371650_10155243298955453_4087500044835...457edb545c]
[Image: 10422213_10155243299085453_3305261333979...53e61ae185]
[Image: 10952655_10155243299055453_6321470293772...5e9a609724]
[Image: 11001823_10155243299155453_2694464902344...4dd866f1c4]
[Image: 15884_10155243299205453_1778682451080803...e=557B5EF1]
[Image: 10440282_10155243299275453_2084520416294...e=554A5FC1]
[Image: 10422051_10155243299230453_4743380020487...e=558DC0F0]
[Image: 11011640_10155243299310453_1745219928086...b9c477bb62]
[Image: 11025955_10155243299360453_8894171513233...e=5589DB7D]
[Image: 10999498_10155243299415453_7831824210470...e=55925BC0]
[Image: 11021200_10155243299475453_2125083155140...ac365a3058]
[Image: 10433143_10155243299505453_3363130437023...e=558CE2B2]
[Image: 10387697_10155243299540453_2597678524566...e=558B2CCB]
[Image: 10999810_10155243299580453_9200660289025...e=558824DD]
[Image: 11021190_10155243299595453_7458456252501...e=557FAE4F]
[Image: 11034196_10155243299660453_8912551665254...e=554D98C6]
[Image: 10420252_10155243299720453_3747830292214...e=55957602]
[Image: 10448781_10155243299735453_1257082625157...e=559307B3]

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  Yami Gautum Photoshoot For Hi Blitz January 2014
Posted by: Ronshan - Yesterday, 03:52 PM - Forum: Bollywood Corner - No Replies

Bollywood actress Yami Gautum photoshoot for Hi Blitz Magazine January 2014 issue. She looks simply beautiful. Have a look her photoshoot.

[Image: 11025717_10155243275705453_3477489371967...e=557EC6C9]
[Image: 11015932_10155243275715453_3269829360563...e=558D4AA3]
[Image: 11015840_10155243275710453_8514174813251...e=55954556]

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  Modern Wooden Kitchen Designs
Posted by: Ronshan - Yesterday, 03:39 PM - Forum: Lifestyle - No Replies

Kitchen is one of the favorite place of women, in which they keep their keen interest, they always wish to have a beautiful stylish modern kitchen with perfect flooring, cabinets and overall look. These are our collection of modern kitchen designs using wood material as mention as above. So many of us desire to have these type of kitchen in our home but if you wish remodel your kitchen, our these wooden kitchen designs will surely help you out.

[Image: 10358730_10155243241445453_1431413432954...e=55846EFC]
[Image: 10986827_10155243241455453_1386750131319...dfa3665e83]
[Image: 10929574_10155243241450453_6030962118365...d70f94a76c]
[Image: 11002608_10155243241595453_8385859105590...e=55500270]
[Image: 10352138_10155243241600453_6538279780636...1751e42d32]
[Image: 10996427_10155243241645453_6413317259964...fb19eeca59]
[Image: 11015753_10155243241715453_1570143075444...3bfc29d06b]
[Image: 10525951_10155243241720453_5649370699736...f5cb27c88e]
[Image: 10462511_10155243241760453_7303252384475...e=55833773]
[Image: 11017701_10155243241850453_1679803995880...e=557D0198]
[Image: 11024214_10155243241855453_6772141988915...2da2329dd1]
[Image: 11034315_10155243241895453_6823083442445...e=55966599]
[Image: 10954928_10155243241965453_5698131225246...14817f3c01]
[Image: 11033165_10155243241975453_6374171222281...c62b2a1a12]

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  User reputation
Posted by: ShaanSE.Com - Yesterday, 01:36 PM - Forum: General Support - No Replies

hello all,

what is user reputation =

user reputation is , how people in the forum see his posts, if he posts nice posts it will get higher and higher and if not... it might go down so...

here is a way to give reputation to your friend in the forum

**notice - you can not give reputation to your self.

to give reputation - you have to open the topic / thread that that user posted, and click on like button 

[Image: 10947168_10155243022545453_5491316228597...e=557AA224]

after clicking on this button, a new window will pop up

[Image: 10983134_10155243022550453_2681734460035...e=557D97EB]

choose to give him 1+ point or none or 1-  point , this will change his points 

you can click on ADD RATTING or 
you can leave comment  and then click on ADD RATTING

[Image: 10930104_10155243022560453_6403145023575...2677b60328]

[Image: 11035626_10155243022635453_1095104169453...e=557E592A]

after clicking on That button, a new window will pop in 

[Image: 10996090_10155243022630453_3209467132053...e=559271EB]

click on X and you can continue reading posts and giving reputations to your friends.

To see your's reputation or other user's reputation 
go to any thread / post 
and see this
[Image: 11035619_10155243022645453_1877986506436...e=554AAAC4]
click on the number near user's reputation 
in this case its 111

a new window will open 

[Image: 1484489_10155243022710453_54418453933214...e=558F92B4]

here you can see who rated your posts , with or without comments 

found any offensive comment , no fear

click on report and let us know

[Image: 10998361_10155243022735453_8365469419138...44d1060926]

choose the best option 

[Image: 10996724_10155243022780453_1062212293502...0274b6a9e2]

and report it to us, we will take care of it for you.

in the top of that window you can see a summery box of that user reputation statistic 
[Image: 11009851_10155243022700453_8962779252915...e=5591002F]

So what are you waiting for
give reputation and enjoy in shaanse !!!

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  Suniel Shetty wallpapers for you
Posted by: Ronshan - Yesterday, 01:00 PM - Forum: Bollywood Corner - No Replies

[Image: 6.jpg]
[Image: smart_sunil_shetty_10990.jpg]
[Image: sunil_shetty_025_bnns.jpg]
[Image: Sunil-Shetty-Bollywood.jpg]
[Image: sunil_shetty_smoking_6191.jpg]
[Image: 16708-sunil-shetty.jpg]
[Image: 13548588277465.jpg]
[Image: lakeer.jpg]
[Image: sunil-shetty-004-01.jpg]
[Image: sunil_shetty_chocolate_939.jpg]
[Image: Sunil%20Shetty_1_1024x768.jpg]

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  9 Inspirational Quotes Cards
Posted by: Ronshan - Yesterday, 12:15 PM - Forum: Cool Stuff - No Replies

As you know there should be an inspiration or goal for leading a excellent life. So Another hit of inspirational quotes cards for you. Enjoy reading these beautiful quotes and extract something from it.. Have a look!!! :-)

 [Image: 10978541_10155242929675453_1809828396490...e=55851A91]
[Image: 10592886_10155242929690453_1651941299536...646a90c5c8]
[Image: 10403532_10155242929685453_9140618776749...917a1b7e24]
[Image: 11001823_10155242929780453_1712702424984...ed11c296cc]
[Image: 10246864_10155242929790453_6877258348503...57a2fe254e]
[Image: 10402011_10155242929805453_2069201215022...e=55859F01]
[Image: 11026094_10155242929855453_5622024001651...e=557B2D8B]
[Image: 1508530_10155242929860453_87753012210939...b98f1d7302]
[Image: 10173617_10155242929915453_5590018343139...26d4f35edd]

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  Let's Discuss - CHEATERS
Posted by: Ronshan - Yesterday, 09:39 AM - Forum: Let's Discuss - Replies (9)

hello all, 

what should a woman / man do if they find out that their husband / wife / boyfriend / girlfriend is cheating on them ???
and their spouse does not know that they know 

don't be lazy in comments.

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Posted by: princess.sarah - 25-02-2015, 07:00 PM - Forum: Let's Discuss - Replies (1)

ksse ko online job ghr bethay paisey earn hojahey aise koi job ka idea hai ? Smile

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  Himesh Reshammiya performed at Satyasai Engineering College, Balasore on 22-02-2015
Posted by: Ronshan - 25-02-2015, 03:58 PM - Forum: Bollywood Corner - No Replies

[Image: B-rthl7UEAIKtQ5.jpg]
[Image: B-rth0EUYAAX-SE.jpg]
[Image: B-rtkhIUcAETblW.jpg]
[Image: B-rtnKQVEAIceQc.jpg]
[Image: B-r4XADUMAAH2ao.jpg]
[Image: B-r4XN2UAAAGULD.jpg]
[Image: B-r4ajnVIAILx8i.jpg]
[Image: B-r4dhOUIAAyDe_.jpg]

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